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It is our mission to create as much value as possible in – and for – the people we represent, the partners we work with, and the projects we deliver.

What We Do

We create opportunities for our sports and media talent within the commercial space – including sponsorships, ambassadorships, social media campaigns, television and radio work as well as other media driven opportunities – so we help our talent achieve their career aspirations both inside and outside of their professions.

Contract & Legal Work

W Sports & Media has years of experience dealing with major brands all commercial segments including apparel, sporting equipment, financial services, food and beverage, government, retail, technology, automotive, tourism, and charities. 
This includes a specialty working with television, radio, and print media across the world. This includes an ongoing relationship with all the major media outlets both in Australia and international markets.
Contract negotiation is our core business because our parent company is WRP Legal, one of Australia’s best full-service boutique commercial law firms.  WRP Legal & Advisory adopts an honest, commercial, and proactive approach to negotiations to ensure that our clients obtain a favourable result in an efficient manner.
We understand your value and will help you maximize your commercial outcomes along with identifying and removing clauses that will compromise you.


Source opportunities for talent

Contractural negotiations

Club liaison

Tax minimisation advise

Sponsorship/endorsement opportunities

Media liaison

Wills and asset protection

General legal services

Social media creation/management

Networking opportunities

Visa/residency assistance

Media training

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