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Identifying & Working With The World’s Best Brands…… Our Approach to Partnerships

One of the most important stages in developing and executing on a brand partnership strategy is the work done prior to launching the relationship and campaign.


We take the time to understand what a partner brand or organisation may require from an ambassador and then apply careful consideration to who from our ‘talent stable’ is most appropriate to assist in meeting these objectives.


Whilst we would never claim to be experts when it comes to your brand, we do pride ourselves on researching our partners and as such can apply fresh thinking to opportunities that present.


Part of this iterative process is involving our talent from the outset to ensure they are genuinely interested in our partners and can bring the requisite level of authenticity to the relationship.


Some of the brands our team have worked for and consulted to include;



Strategic Pillar

Partnerships form a key strategic pillar at W Sports & Media.


​Building a trusting network of commercial businesses and sporting institutions for whom we can unlock value through our IP and through our connection to talent. Our focus is on building the strength between, and organic growth of, our network.


​Get in contact here for information on partnering with our talent.

Strategic Marketing, Brand & Commercial Advisory Services

W Sports & Media does more than just provide ambassadors and performing talent, we also help our clients develop strategies that elevate and enhance brand positions with their most important customer segments. 
We assist our clients in the development of brand, marketing and commercial strategies underpinned with evidenced based insights and practical recommendations for implementation.
Getting brand & marketing strategies right is critical, so we help clients by delivering relevant and impactful campaigns that are easily understood by internal stakeholders and customers.
In summary, we provide our clients peace of mind knowing the strategy that we recommend will offer commercial returns and most importantly elevate their reputation in the marketplace.


Brand review & strategy development

Commercial audit & revenue strategy

New market entry communications strategy for challenger brands

Membership reviews & strategy development

Athlete brand ambassador training - workshop format

Facilitating strategic workshops

Contract and Legal Work

W Sports & Media has years of experience dealing with major brands all commercial segments including apparel, sporting equipment, financial services, food and beverage, government, retail, technology, automotive, tourism, and charities. 


This includes a specialty working with television, radio, and print media across the world. This includes an ongoing relationship with all the major media outlets both in Australia and international markets.


Contract negotiation is our core business because our parent company is WRP Legal, one of Australia’s best full-service boutique commercial law firms. WRP Legal & Advisory adopts an honest, commercial, and proactive approach to negotiations to ensure that our clients obtain a favourable result in an efficient manner.


We understand your value and will help you maximize your commercial outcomes along with identifying and removing clauses that will compromise you.

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